cmhcrestCMH is governed by membership elected officers serving on the executive board. Terms of office are one year, with elections held at the May meeting

Nate Forte

Vice President
Jim Rairdon

Eric Elder

Larry Irons

Doug Wildfong

Contact phone numbers and email addresses are located in the CMH newsletter.

One thought on “Contacts

  1. I recently gained access to your site and am really interested in what your group does and the types of games you play. My areas of interest are primarily WW2 naval and air, I’ve cut my teeth on Sea Power for naval and Mustangs & Messerschmidt’s for air. Currently I’m in the process of downsizing and I’m selling my microarmor and naval collections. I’ve got close to 800 modern NATO and Warsaw Pact 1:285th scale aircraft and vehicles unmounted and (most) unpainted. On the naval side the collection is primarily Alnavco WW2 1:1200 and a few 1:2400 metal aircraft and waterline warships for US, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, all unmounted and the vast majority unpainted. I’m still hanging onto my air stuff and hope to be able to host an air game for the group. Oh, I almost forgot that I have about 20 microscale buildings that I can throw in with the microarmor. If interested in the microarmor and/or naval collections please contact me and I can send a listing of what’s in the collection.


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