West Wars 2023

Annual club hosted convention, free to anyone that wishes to attend. Events added up to convention start date.

May 20-21 at Baker Community Center, 6751 Irving St., Denver, CO.

9am to 6pm Saturday, 9am to 5pm Sunday

We plan on having food available on site both days.

Veterans Wars Coordinator: Jeff Hunt



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West Wars kicks off

  • May 20

    9am – 1pm

    • The Second World War
      • General, It is with great pleasure that you have been appointed to the position of Supreme Commander of all our Nation’s military forces. At this moment, as you take the mantle of command, the world has been at war for almost 3 years, and yet the struggle continues.
      • 9am to 6pm
      • rules: War Room
      • scale: boardgame
      • players: 6
      • GM: Larry Irons
    • Hedgerow Hell
      • A month after D-Day the Allies try to punch through German defensive lines in bocage country.
      • rules: Memoir 44 / Overlord
      • scale: boardgame – 15mm
      • players: 4
      • GM: Matt Vigil
    • Battle of the Hooey River
      • rules: ADLG(f)
      • scale: 15mm
      • players: 4
      • GM: Rich Kastens

    2pm – 6pm

    • Operation Iraqi Freedom
      • US Marines vs. Iraq in downtown Bagdad
      • rules: Pursue & Destroy
      • scale: 1/285
      • players: 4
      • GM: Deborah Schouten
    • Luckau
      • June 4, 1813, can General Bulow’s raggedy Prussian/Russian corps stop Oudinot’s XII Corps from driving on Berlin?
      • rules: Corps Command IV (modified for D20)
      • scale: 1/72
      • players: 6
      • GM: Matt Johnson
    • Normandy Bocage Attack
      • The Americans are trying to advance to take a key hill on the way to St. Lo. The bocage terrain and the Germans are in the way. A reinforced battalion of Americans is trying to batter through a greatly depleted German formation to take heights.
      • rules: Tactical Combat
      • scale: 15mm
      • players: 6
      • GM: David Newport
  • May 21

    9am – 11:30am

    • Swap and Sell Meet

    12pm – 1:00pm

    • Club meeting

    1:00pm – 5:00pm

    • ADLG Tournament
      • Players will choose a 200 point army from the classical Ancient period (500 BC to 500 AD). Scale is 15mm. If we get an even number of players with 25mm armies, they can play each other.
      • rules: ADLG
      • scale: 15mm
      • players: 12
      • GM: Larry Irons
    • A Small Piece of the Action
      • French/Poles vs Prussians at Leipzig. In a small out of the way part of the Grand Battle of Leipzig Polish Troops fought and waited for their French allies for help while wave after wave of Prussians tried to throw them out of town. Feel free to bring your luck d10.
      • rules: Napoleon’s Battles 2nd Ed.
      • scale: unknown
      • players: 6
      • GM: Deborah Schouten