Veterans Wars 2022

Annual club hosted convention, free to anyone that wishes to attend. Events added up to convention start date.

November 12-13 at Baker Community Center, 6751 Irving St., Denver, CO.

9am to 6pm Saturday, 9am to 5pm Sunday

We plan on having food available on site both days.

Veterans Wars Coordinator: Jeff Hunt



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Veterans Wars kicks off

  • November 12

    9am – 1pm

    • Battle of Poti
      • Nov 13, 1809, Seraskier Sheriff with 9000 Ottomans sally forth to stop Prince Orbeljanov’s Russians and Princess Nino’s Georgian Auxiliaries from taking the port of Poti on the Black Sea.
      • rules: Corps Command IV (mod for D20)
      • scale: 20mm
      • players: 5
      • GM: Matt Johnson
    • Wild West
      • rules: Fistful of Lead
      • scale: 28mm
      • players: 6
      • GM: Larry Armin
      • players: please bring your own tape measure and pencil
    • More to come

    2pm – 6pm

    • More to come
  • November 13

    9am – 11:30am

    • Swap and Sell Meet

    12pm – 1:00pm

    • Club meeting

    1:00pm – 5:00pm

    • L’Art de la Guerre Dark Ages Tournament
      • Players will compete in an ADLG tournament of 1 or more sessions. The theme is Western Europe Dark Ages and their opponents. All armies must be between the years 500-999 AD. Lists 109, 124-133, 141-165. Legal allies may be outside those list #s, but must fall within the year range. Options indicating Europe, North Africa are permitted. No others. No Elephants, No Knights, Maximum 2 Cataphracts in army. If you choose an army from 860 AD, for example, the ally must also be from the same year.
      • rules: L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) Version 4 with latest errata.
      • scale: 15mm
      • players: 8
      • GM: Larry Irons
    • More to come