cmhcrestCMH is governed by membership elected officers serving on the executive board. Terms of office are one year, with elections held at the May meeting

Nate Forte

Vice President
Jim Rairdon

Eric Elder

Larry Irons

Doug Wildfong

Contact phone numbers and email addresses are located in the CMH newsletter.

4 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hi Wargamers, Anybody do 54 mm anymore? Have 1000’s upon 1000’s of quality plastic ones: like Hat, Armies in Plastic, Airfix, Multiple {ring hands},Imex,etc. etc. If they were available, my friend got them. From the 50’s thru last year, All in good shape. Near give – away prices ! You would have to pick them up in Denver. In grocery fruit cartons {the big ones).Any one interested let me know soon. Perhaps you know someone or organization who could use them. My buddy and I had many a great “maneuver” on the floor. A 1000 foot, 50 guns, and a 100 horse at least – on each side. Shame to have to dump them. Hoping to hear you soon. Adam 303 477-2489 if I don’t pick up please leave a message or email me


  2. Hey Adam, sorry I just saw this while reviewing the site. Do you still have some of the items you mentioned? I am sure I can find someone in my club who would be interested in them I dont know you email, but I’ll try calling you tomorrow.


  3. Greetings,

    I noticed your web site and wanted to let you know about my recently released book about the battle for Stalingrad. It might be of interest to your group for historical studies or maybe even helping out when planning a war game.

    My book The 64th Army at Stalingrad 1942-43 is now live on It covers the Soviet 64th Combined Arms Infantry Army before, during, and after the Battle for Stalingrad, from 1942 to 1943. This is a day by day account of the battles of the 64th Army at an Operational Level.
    This true story of the 64th Army is the first extensive English Language account of a Russian/Soviet army during World War II. Other English Language publications might touch upon actions of individual Russian armies and events, but none, as far as I know, cover a single army in depth, let alone a detailed study during a 15-month period. The significance of this approach allows the reader to follow a historically important army from its formation, commitment to battle, and through to the end of the battle for Stalingrad.

    Most English Language books covering Stalingrad tell the story mainly from the German point of view. By making extensive use of newly released historical documents from the Russian Ministry of Defense’s TsAMO archive, my work provides a refreshing other side of the hill point of view which includes accurate Combat and Ration Strengths for the 64th Army at the start of each month. This approach complements existing research and publications, thus more fully completing the historical narrative. Additionally, 32 original maps, and 2 figures clearly illustrate the ebb and flow of this great battle. Also, an assortment of 21 photos, some never before published, only adds to the unique look and feel of this book. offers a “Look Inside” feature so you can preview several pages to get an idea of the detail and scope of my work. It also comes in a Paperback or Kindle version.

    I hope you will take a look, you might find it interesting.

    Thanks for your time.
    Dann Falk


  4. I recently gained access to your site and am really interested in what your group does and the types of games you play. My areas of interest are primarily WW2 naval and air, I’ve cut my teeth on Sea Power for naval and Mustangs & Messerschmidt’s for air. Currently I’m in the process of downsizing and I’m selling my microarmor and naval collections. I’ve got close to 800 modern NATO and Warsaw Pact 1:285th scale aircraft and vehicles unmounted and (most) unpainted. On the naval side the collection is primarily Alnavco WW2 1:1200 and a few 1:2400 metal aircraft and waterline warships for US, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, all unmounted and the vast majority unpainted. I’m still hanging onto my air stuff and hope to be able to host an air game for the group. Oh, I almost forgot that I have about 20 microscale buildings that I can throw in with the microarmor. If interested in the microarmor and/or naval collections please contact me and I can send a listing of what’s in the collection.


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